Silicon Steel Slitting Line – There Is Certainly More Than You Would Think Here..

We deliver state-of-the-art silicon steel slitting machine with the highest quality, accuracy, and performance standards at a very competitive price. Our high-speed lines combine remarkable speed and accuracy for the current market. We have been among the market leaders for silicon steel cut-to-length lines for transformer lamination. The sequence of cutting, notching and stacking is actually a complicated production process because of the high speeds, the start-stop movements, and using very delicate material (silicon metal sheets .18 – .5 mm thick). Nevertheless the outcome is usually the same – laminations impeccably cut with no sheet damage without any burr.

Unique Cutting – The demand for reducing outlines inside the support sector is steadily growing. Specially the car field has an crucial need for precut trapezium-shaped plates. Our production outlines include electric powered swivel shears, which minimize the steel linens into precut plates. We manufacture facial lines that can handle 120 m of coil a minute and precisely determine to .1 mm. Soenen has built reducing lines for Corus (now Tata Metallic) and ArcelorMittal.

Slitting – For your transformer business, Soenen also creates slitting facial lines. A Soenen slitting line operations 200 m silicon metallic per minute with the accuracy and reliability of .1 millimeters. Our lines can slit coils that differ among 300 and 1250 millimeters. The pieces are recoiled with high accuracy and also the proper stress. The Slitting line is an unique equipment to slit silicon metallic sheet roll into specific thickness strips and rewind them into strip moves beneath particular tension.

Sophisticated “pull-slitting” ”feed-slitting” technologies to ensure the higher slitting accuracy and fulfill different kinds of material. High level of reducing accuracy and reliability by way of accuracy shear. Lower burr and lower camber slitting procedure because of improved shear design(substantial-rigidity Slitter and reminder method, Design deflection of principal shaft is .0001). Realistic form of the device, All device models are powered by electrically, pneumatically and hydraulically, Efficient as well as simple to use. Use OMRON/SIEMENS PLC manage program to guarantee the longevity of runnning in long term, equipped the Inferface board to make the development more easy and clear. Outfitted the pace controller for Decoiler, Slitter and Prompt, the slit speed of Decoiler, Slitter and Note is coordinating car, guarantee the running of whole series pace synchronization. Adoption of Carbide rotor blades to create thickness modification quicker and ensure the slitting precision with burr under .02mm, every single blade can slit more than 90,000m right after mincing.

Slitting equipment,the settings of the sensor, size calculating device, smart electronic exhibit gauge, the cutting duration that required could be pre-programmed,(device accuracy:.1m) seem alarm when reaching the number. With full in-home accuracy electric metal transformer steel slitting machine capabilities, Orchid will be able to supply electric powered metal from metal mills globally and provide master coils of metal into the service for slitting and processing. Given that we create more than 700 various goods for our customers with a wide range of slit widths, we have the ability to home the very best widths collectively to optimize and maximize the utilization of the learn coil, saving general materials charges for the clients.

Despite the fact that we method an extremely high level of electric steel, we sustain traceability of material, back to each mill by warmth whole lot and specific coil. Based upon certain merchandise measure, grade, primary reduction, and permeability needs, we correlate the the best possible electrical metallic quality to guarantee the greatest efficiency at the best prices.

The Strip metallic coils are produced in big sizes by mills, but users demand these coils divided to varied sizes. Slitting Facial lines have to slit coils into narrower widths.

ALCOS Equipment is a leading maker of preciseness Slitting Facial lines. ALCOS offers, outstanding solutions with easy to customize High-Velocity Lighting Measure, Medium sized Determine and Heavy Gauge Slitting Lines. ALCOS opucmm facial lines, can method components up to .625 inches (16mm) thicker, widths up to 96 inches (2438mm) and coils as much as 100,000 lbs (45 tonnes).

ALCOS slitting lines can be equipped to slit ferrous and non-ferrous metals which includes, hot rolled metallic, HRPAndO steel, cold rolled metal, pre-decorated metal, stainless, light weight aluminum, silicon steels, tin dish, copper, and brass. ALCOS substantial-durability silicon steel slitting line are engineered to method the innovative and super-high durability steels and light weight aluminum that are increasingly found in the market place today.